October 2017 / November 2017 – Market Update

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Product availability is back to normal as force majeure has been lifted. The need for rebuilding inventories has the affect that sales controls are still in place. There was an announcement of an increase in price of USD 0.08 /lb. Seemingly customers have not fought it.

In other parts of the world such as Asia, especially China, demand is still strong for both Pure and Crude MDI. Because of this, BASF and Wanhua have delayed their maintenance.



Still some imbalance in availability. The demand still somewhat exceeds the supply. After Harvey’s hurricane and Covestro’s force majeure which is still in place, there were announcements of increases of up to USD 0.12 /lb in USA. Some have gone through but many end users are still fighting the increase. End of November we will see what actually happens.

In MEAF prices are stable.


Propylene Oxide / Polyols-

Usually polyol prices follow the propylene oxide pricing. P.O. has increased around USD 0.05 /LB in October. Very little price increase regarding polyols taking place. Seemingly as TDI prices as explained above are still very firm and historically high, end users are trying to fight the increase in polyols.

MEAF Prices are stable. China demand for polyols is still strong but should be higher.